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Robust and reliable in every vehicle at any speed.


Operators of public and private transportation or are required to be more alert than ever against -vandalism, theft and violence in order to stay competitive and attractive for passengers in the future. A key contribution is the decentralized, high-resolution video security technology from MOBOTIX; because perpetrators can be identified much faster with highly detailed and gapless recordings compared to conventional video systems. “Video Secured by MOBOTIX“ is confirmed to be a strong deterrence of potential offenders and will help to increase safety and security of passengers and drivers. In addition, vehicles have to be used most effectively and need to be localized at any time. Security installers worldwide are excited about the effectiveness and outstanding image quality of MOBOTIX systems.

Intelligent IP Video Solutions: Discrete and Efficient with Hemispheric

The use of hemispheric technology in S15 or Q25 provides effective coverage of the complete vehicle interior with just one single camera. Installed with the surround mount in the middle of the bus, the entire passenger compartment is secured without any blind spot. An S15 or Q25 covers the complete area of the driver including entrance and outside. In addition, an external camera at the rear or front increases safety in and around the school bus. The consequent absence of moving parts and thus the guarantee of robustness, results in video solutions including recordings which are known as nearly maintenance free. Instead industry standard SD-cards are integrated directly in the camera to provide reliable storage.

Physical Site Security Assessment