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MOBOTIX Is Known As An Innovative Producer Of Smart And Autonomous IP Cameras Since The Year 2000.

The German company MOBOTIX AG is known as the leading pioneer in network camera technology and its decentralized concept has made high-resolution video systems cost efficient. In very little time, MOBOTIX has conquered second place in Europe and fourth place worldwide in terms of market share, specializing in commercial security camera systems. Mobotix is an “Active Video Protection” system unlike passive systems that record and allow you to watch what happened after the fact.

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MOBOTIX has been producing only megapixel cameras for years and, in this area, ranks as the global market leader in high-resolution video systems with a market share of over 60%.
MOBOTIX Security Visions systems are truly a remarkable achievement. Using fewer cameras to cover much more area, reducing installation cost, substantially reducing Network loads and energy cost, MOBOTIX provides the end user with a true state of the art high definition security system.


    Lower energy cost, overall Mobotix will use 1/3 or less of the energy vs. any IP or CCTV system. Average is 4W per camera. The GREENEST security system.

  • TRUE 360°

    Hi definition, true 360° allows one camera to be used in place of 4. Extremely low light cameras can see well in very low light conditions.


    Decentralized storage eliminates the need for a DVR/NVR and assorted other components. Very low bandwidth used for viewing.

Motion Detection MOBOTIX provides 3D MxActivitySensor; senses direction, substantially reduces false alarms, can send a message to you so you can check the situation on your smart phone, even count customers. These cameras become your intrusion detection system reducing the need for a separate intrusion alarm.

Robust And Low-Maintenance MOBOTIX cameras do not require any lens or positioning motors. Without any moving parts, they are so robust that maintenance is reduced to a minimum. The unique temperature range from -30° to +60°C (-22°F to +140°F) is achieved without heating or fan at only 4 watts power consumption.

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In Manitoba during the winter of 2013/14 we experienced severe cold to -43°C, the outdoor cameras continued to operate with no problems during that extreme

  • AI Applications
  • Airport Security
  • Agriculture & Environmental
  • Car Dealerships
  • Condos And Apartments
  • Construction Cameras
  • Design and Construction
  • Education
  • Energy, Utilities, And Mining
  • Gas Stations
  • Health Care
  • Industry and Critical Infrastructures
  • License Plate Cameras
  • Logistics And Shipping
  • Policing & Public Safety
  • Retail Stores
  • Security Renewable Energy
  • Sports Venues
  • Thermal Cameras
  • Transportation

Mobotix Certified Apps

Cyber secure and individual solutions

Certified Apps are professional, deep learning based Mobotix camera apps from renowned partners that are explicitly verified and certified by Mobotix for the M73. All Certified Apps meet the highest cyber security requirements. Thanks to the high modularity, users can use exactly the apps they need in their video system to meet their requirements. All apps are listed below, click the app name for more info.

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  • Physical Site Security Assessment


    Detects abandoned or removed objects

  • Physical Site Security Assessment


    Video analysis solution for biometric analysis

  • Physical Site Security Assessment


    Used in crowded areas where people can stop or slowly move, also determine queue scenarios

  • Physical Site Security Assessment


    Video analytic app for detection of flames inside or outside

  • Physical Site Security Assessment


    Creates areas taken by the camera and makes a heat signature there. Just like a thermal camera the hotter the zone the more people are there (body heat) and vise versa

  • Physical Site Security Assessment


    Traffic monitoring, detects pedestrians, stopped vehicles, cars lined up, and vehicles crossing the road in the wrong direction

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    AI-Intrusion PRO

    Creates virtual lines that once crossed sets an alarm

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    Detects suspicious behaviors of people staying in a given area for to long, that period being configured by the operator

  • Physical Site Security Assessment


    Identify the occupancy percentage of one or more areas inside a configured zone

  • Physical Site Security Assessment


    Used in areas where large crowding occurs, where the person may remain still or move slowly

  • Physical Site Security Assessment


    Detects areas of occupancy, making you able to see which areas are over occupied

  • Physical Site Security Assessment


    Monitors parking areas, this lets the user know if a parking spot is free or occupied

  • Physical Site Security Assessment


    Creates a virtual line that once crossed counts the amount of people entering and also exiting

  • Physical Site Security Assessment

    AI-Road 3D

    Monitors traffic by counting cars, seeing the direction they go, etc

  • Physical Site Security Assessment


    Detects smoke in the area that has been created, both indoors and out

  • Physical Site Security Assessment


    Detects someone falling over and the presence of a person on the ground

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    MxActivitySensor AI

    Detects movement of people and objects, independent of weather and brightness

  • Physical Site Security Assessment


    Collects behavioral data on individuals and objects

  • Physical Site Security Assessment

    AI-Visage (Face Recognition)

    Facial recognition by means of deposited image data

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mobotix the new face of ip videos

Security at airports has become indispensable, and entails continuously increasing requirements. The only way to keep satisfy the most demanding standards day after day, is to constantly further develop the technology in use. Video surveillance is a crucial contribution to airport security; this technology has a great deal of potential, as long as the current configuration is not taken as the final goal in terms of development. (

MOBOTIX Technology –Cost Savings in Every Aspect Coventry Airport - Case Study

The secret to success? In the face of fierce competition, Coventry Airport pursues to keep the running airport costs so low that airlines can offer their flights at competitive low-cost terms. This means that the infrastructure at Coventry Airport is not as luxurious as at other major airports. However, the passengers are glad to give up some of this luxury in order to save some money.

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With all cost savings, security at the Coventry Airport does not fall short. Especially with the threat of international terrorism, security at Coventry Airport has the highest priority. To meet the request for high security, Coventry Airport selected MOBOTIX IP-cameras for their video surveillance system. This system is not only praised by the Ministry of Transport, but it also serves as a model for other airports.

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go green with mobotix without compromise

Clearly InSight has provided Farm security vision systems for numerous dairy/hog/chicken operations with not only surveillance capabilities and agriculture monitoring but with process observation and control including environmental security. Whether you need to observe wildlife in their natural environment, want to keep track of what is happening to your livestock, or just desire to watch natural phenomena Mobotix has the answer.

A single Mobotix camera uses 4 Watts of power making it ideal for renewable energy or to reduce power consumption off the grid. Just as a comparison most LED light bulbs use 6 to 8 Watts.

A very good case study: Safe As An Elephant. Camera Systems Ensure Human And Animal Safety At The Opel Zoo And Support Animal Research.

Originally proposed system, each camera was going to consume 55 watts – that’s more than ten times the amount of power. Even when there is a power failure, the MOBOTIX cameras continue to be supplied from a UPS, ensuring the security feed is never interrupted. A single 360-degree camera provides a fixed view of the entire outside area of the elephant compound, offering a panorama over 5,500 square meters. This main view is supplemented by further 90-degree cameras for a separate lower section. This way, the keepers can always see where each animal is currently located. As well as for safety and security, Opel Zoo also uses its cameras to research animal behavior.

Construction Site Cameras Winnipeg

Princess Elisabeth Antarctic Base, Antarctica

MOBOTIX Camera Helps Researchers On Antarctica.

At this station a MOBOTIX Allround M24 camera helps researchers of the HYDRANT project to monitor the instruments they work with to get comprehensive measurements of the hydrological cycle of Antarctica. The project focuses on studying the atmospheric processes: it looks at the transport of the water vapour, formation of clouds and precipitation, snow accumulation, and meteorological conditions behind. The goal of the HYDRANT project is to have continuous observations of both meteorology and cloud properties, which then will be used to validate regional climate models. Thus cloud instruments were installed for the long-term operation which monitors the cloud and snow fall properties and meteorology all at the same time. “The final goal of the project is to contribute to understanding the current and future evolution of the Antarctic ice sheet and its contribution to sea-level changes,” says project scientist Dr. Irina Gorodetskaya of K.U. Leuven. “There is a lack of data on the clouds and precipitation processes in the Antarctic, which are important for the ice sheet surface mass balance. With this project, we want to establish a database that can be used for an in-depth model evaluation”.

Full Case Study: mx_CS_AntarcticBase_en_160222

Professional video surveillance solutions & efficient analytics for car dealerships

Now Break-Ins And Vandalism Are A Thing Of The Past Fewer False Alarms At Dealerships Thanks To MOBOTIX Cameras

The automotive trade suffers huge annual losses due to the theft of vehicles and vehicle components. New and second-hand vehicles are often showcased across large business premises, meaning they require an effective and cost-efficient protection against theft and vandalism. Many of the video systems currently on the market have very limited capabilities. The image quality is poor and as a result, the images obtained are of little value, particularly in poor lighting conditions. There is also no active alarm management that can be used to prevent break-ins in a timely manner. There is growing demand in the automotive trade for systems to analyze visitor frequency and behavior in showrooms. This statistical data can be used to review the effectiveness of marketing measures and better plan the deployment of personnel. Many retailers see visitor analysis (sales funnel solution) as a must, not least due to the requirements of vehicle manufacturers.

MOBOTIX provides an intelligent IP video camera system to improve your security in a simple, cost-effective and reliable manner and simultaneously allow you to gain valuable statistical data to optimize personnel deployment and marketing planning.

  • an intelligent MOBOTIX solution prevents theft and vandalism
  • supplies statistical data to optimize business planning
  • provides clear images during the day and at night – the images can be viewed on mobile devices at any time
  • long term cost savings
  • thermal camera with optical sensor and Thermal image sensor
  • robust for extreme conditions
  • discreet hemispheric

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Every MOBOTIX camera features intelligent motion detection software that ignores sources of false alarms such as trees blowing in the wind or fluctuating camera poles.

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Innovative Technology, Reduced Total Costs

Property Management companies across Manitoba are overseeing residential properties including apartments, condo units and row housing.
Finding a cost-effective security solution to replace or augment traditional security and onsite guard systems is a top priority due to increased crime rates negatively impacting quality of life. Complexes that are located in high crime areas that experience serious safety issues for tenants and visitors continue to search for an answer to the rising cost of on-site live guards without compromising security or peace of mind. These communities are frequent targets of theft and vandalism.
They look for way to reduce or eliminate:

  • Mail boxes damaged and contents stolen
  • AC units vandalized for the copper
  • Laundry rooms damaged
  • Expensive security guard costs
  • Fitness equipment damaged or stolen
  • Community room and conference room TVs and computers stolen, vandalized
  • Entry gates damaged
  • Cars vandalized and broken into

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Panorama Towers: A Luxury Condominium Complex. Case Study:
On Time and Under Budget

Tradition security products offer only “passive protection”. They only record what happened for viewing later. Find out how Mobotix “Proactive Security Devices” gives you so many advantages and tremendously upgrades your level of security. 


A Mobotix Construction Camera is a simple way to record any construction project.

  • Remote project management
  • Reduced travel costs
  • Increased efficiency
  • Real time security
  • Real time perimeter and asset protection system
  • Live video and 2 way audio: talk directly to workers or intruders though the camera or an optional loudspeaker system
  • No monthly hosting or software fees
  • Fixed megapixel cameras up to 6 megapixels. Now available in 4K
  • Optional Solar Power available
  • Help reduce claims for Insurance and Warranty
  • Help Reduce Labor disputes and Materials delivery disputes
  • Wide range of lenses from 8° to 180°
  • High resolution images in any weather conditions (IP66, -40° - +60°C)
  • Wide range of options to schedule camera shots and recipient addresses
  • Remote connectivity and viewing
  • Can use Local / Remote Storage for Media
  • LED lighting systems, infrared or white lighting options available

Physical Site Security Assessment

Physical Site Security Assessment

  • Physical Site Security Assessment


  • Physical Site Security Assessment

    Q26 360° PANORAMIC

  • Physical Site Security Assessment


  • Physical Site Security Assessment


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Our BST Security cameras include edge storage so no NVR is required. Coupled with a weatherproof box and a PoE switch this device can be easily mounted to protect your site. Requires 115VAC power; View and Download video using your Laptop when you are onsite.

  • 5MP(2592×1944)@30fps
  • 20 meters IR distance
  • IP67 IK10
  • IVA, include tripwire and boundary detection
  • IE browser Web server
  • 2.8/4 or 8mm HD fixed focus lens, Dual ICR
  • Includes a single port PoE Injector
  • Operating Temperature -40°C to +60°C
  • With Internet connection remote viewing is available
  • Optional Pole Mount Bracket available
  • Solar option available

Image result for canadaMADE IN CANADA

From plan to project with mobotix

MOBOTIX Security Visions systems are truly a remarkable achievement. Using fewer cameras to cover much more area, reducing installation cost, substantially reducing Network loads and energy cost, MOBOTIX provides the end user with a true state of the art high definition security system. All cameras include MxAnalytics® with new behaviour alarms, MoonLight Technology for outstanding pictures in very low light levels and up to 6MP recording. Two new models offer 4K recording, M73 and S74. This security system also incorporates a video/audio enabled door access with an intrusion monitoring system along with many other features.

The MOBOTIX partner program for Architects and Engineers offers you all the support you need in your daily job. No matter whether you are specifically looking for relevant information or image files, the MOBOTIX A&E program offers you that and even more.
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Useful resources

Physical Site Security Assessment

Physical Site Security Assessment

Clearly InSight is a MOBOTIX GOLD Partner, we are available to help you with planning, designing, and installation as well as post install; training your customer on operation of Mobotix Security Vision Systems. We are a Canadian company located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Enhance campus security cost-efficiently

In Today’s Security-Focused Environment, School Districts And Universities Seek To Upgrade To Higher Resolution Video Surveillance Solutions, Moving Away From Legacy Equipment Reaching End-Of-Life And Striving For Significantly Improved Protection Of The Campus Environment.

Educational facilities across the globe have experienced the benefits of the latest IP video surveillance technology from MOBOTIX. Designed and manufactured in Germany, MOBOTIX IP-based security solutions are based on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles and deliver significant cost savings with installation as well as long-term operation and maintenance. School Divisions using MOBOTIX cameras to enhance the security of its schools and in the process realized significant security benefits and cost savings including:

  • Greater surveillance coverage with 40-50% less cameras.
  • No expensive upgrades of the IT infrastructure.
  • IP video surveillance system serves as an active deterrent and valuable investigative tool, delivering high-resolution video with audio capabilities, event logic and IP-device notification.

Case Study: Calgary Catholic
School District, Canada

Calgary Catholic School District (CCSD)in Alberta, Canada, is home to more than 45,000 students in 104 schools in Calgary and surrounding area. The CCSD is second in size (by student count) to the city’s primary school board, the Calgary Board of Education.


The Calgary Catholic School District previously relied on an analog-based surveillance system as a way to increase security and aid in investigations, but the system began facing regular component failures. Furthermore, the analog cameras were limited in their capabilities and effectiveness, and captured images were blurry.


The Q24 is a hemispheric 360-degree camera used for complete room monitoring. It provides a simultaneous quad display of all four room corners and offers digital continuous pan, tilt, zoom functionality. Unlike PTZ cameras, Calgary Catholic School District employs a comprehensive MOBOTIX IP megapixel surveillance solution to enhance security across its campuses. The MOBOTIX solution is now providing the school district with highly detailed video images
the robust and maintenance-free Q24 has no moving parts. The M12 is a dual camera that provides brilliant image and color quality in the day and high sensitivity at night, thanks to two separate image sensors for color and B/W, while the D12 includes two individually positioned sensors and two separately directional lenses to simultaneously monitor different areas.

mx_education PDF

smart and easy security • unpack and off you go • highest quality • made in germany

How MOBOTIX Technology Can Make Your Life Easier - Video Systems – Made For Extreme Environments. BeyondHumanVision is more than just our motto; this way of thinking comes with genuine added value for you! High-end video surveillance offers you comprehensive solutions for smooth operations and maximum security at all levels. As a person in charge of an energy, utility or mining company, you need highly professional support that can withstand the toughest conditions. Because if something happens, it becomes big, dangerous and expensive. We want to avoid this together with you.


    Intrusion prevention (prevent theft & sabotage), Cybersecurity (digital protection), Access control to sensitive areas, Early fire detection and protection


    Safe handling of hazardous materials, Correct use of equipment and machinery, Maintenance in dangerous or inaccessible locations


    Monitoring of production steps, Remote maintenance of machines, Protection of the environment, Image management – trust as a currency


    Dust & dirt , Moisture & humidity, Heat & cold, Wind & weather, Poor lighting & darkness, Inaccessibility

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Rough Environment – Careful Handling Intelligent MOBOTIX video systems help you to monitor internal security processes effectively. Whether machine or human: It is important to consistently avoid mistakes. The consequences can quickly become fatal in the "energy, utilities and mining industry". The safety of employees is paramount.

Formidable Fortresses Robust & Cyber-safe, Even Under Extreme Conditions Hardly anywhere are external influences more demanding than in the energy, utilities and mining industry. Robust MOBOTIX video systems - made in Germany - are designed to reliably master them: They can withstand the most extreme environmental conditions over a long period.

Hires video solutions • digital & cost-effective recording

The Perfect Solution For Gas Stations. MOBOTIX AG, based in Germany, develops and manufactures high-resolution network-based complete video systems that are technology leaders and in high demand throughout the world. Thanks to a new technology, MOBOTIX offers unbeatably low total cost on all components needed to run an efficient gas station video surveillance system.

The Key Advantages Of MOBOTIX:

  • Tried And Proven In 100,000 Applications – Maximum Reliability
  • Less Cameras – Lowest Procurement Costs
  • Software Included – Lowest Operating Costs
  • No Mechanical Moving Parts – Lowest Maintenance Costs
  • Easy Remote Access In The Event Of An Alarm

MOBOTIX AG offers high-resolution complete video systems featuring technology that is unique worldwide: an intelligent, decentralized system structure in which data can be processed and stored in the cameras themselves and not on central recording equipment.

MOBOTIX AG: Security For Gas Stations

Useful Case Studies

Physical Site Security Assessment

Caring for you and those you are caring for!

Intelligent Solutions For Health And Social Care Services

With vulnerable patients and residents as well as staff and visitors and with life dependent equipment to protect, the healthcare industry needs reliable, effective, and innovative solutions. Clearly InSight has been working within the healthcare sector both in Hospital and Care facilities. Our experience working with the private sector providers, Government health facilities and residential aged care homes has allowed us to develop and partner up to deliver innovative solutions to meet the specialized needs of this sector.

Clearly InSight has the experience and specialist knowledge delivering cutting edge technology, and has access to worldwide resources, together with local presence to provide customers with clinical grade systems that contribute to higher levels of efficiencies and risk reduction, and assist in improvement of work flow outcomes. We can design, install, maintain, and provide support for the systems you need to help your facility run smoothly, whether it is a standalone facility, clinic, or is part of an integrated group or system. 

High Quality Products For Precise Temperature Measurement

Do you want the best solution available that provides so much more than just security? Contact us today.                       Health Care PDF


Physical Site Security Assessment


While the Vidant Beaufort Hospital leverages modern, state-of-the-art technology to ensure patients the most accurate diagnoses and the best treatment, it was severely lacking when it came to their security solution. Up until the last few years, the hospital relied upon trained security guards to patrol the hospital, and search and react to incidents. However, as Rodney Sanders, Network Administrator, Vidant Beaufort Hospital, discovered with the power of hindsight, it’s not possible for guards to cover every square-inch of the hospital’s campus.


A demo of the MOBOTIX cameras was provided to Sanders and the hospital’s senior management team. The Vidant Beaufort staff was impressed by the presentation, particularly the high-resolution clarity and 360-degree views of the MOBOTIX Q24 cameras, and it wasn’t long after that the hospital officially decided MOBOTIX’s image clarity, decentralized concept and all-encompassing, 360-degree views made it the best solution for their needs and budget. “It was the easiest of sales visits,” Poulin said. “The advanced technology did most of the talking!”

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  • Increased Resolution
  • Reduces Amount Of Cameras Needed
  • Reduced Installation Costs At Any Distance
  • Intelligent Cameras Reduce The Number Of Recording Devices
  • Event-Controlled Image Format Minimizes Storage Costs
  • Low Power Costs, No Extra Heating
  • Backup Power Supply Costs Reduced By Over 80 Percent
  • Robust And Practically Maintenance-Free
  • Software For Thousands Of Cameras And Storage Devices Included


Earlier in 2016, Konica Minolta purchased the majority stake in MOBOTIX Video Surveillance Systems. With this major investment, we aim at providing next-generation network security solutions based on the collaboration of proprietary technologies from Konica Minolta and MOBOTIX.

MOBOTIX´s innovative solutions in the field of professional VMS and video analysis software as well as smart and autonomous IP cameras are successfully installed all around the globe and safeguard e.g. prisons, airports or soccer stadiums. Continuous innovations such as automatic event detection, alarm messaging, video analysis, direct NAS ring buffer storage and remote functions, two-way audio with VoIP messaging and phone connectivity have created new value for MOBOTIX customers.

And there is more to come: By employing the technology of MOBOTIX’s decentralized processing IP cameras and VMS in combination with Konica Minolta’s image sensing system, we intend to pursue the development of new products such as “Care Support Solutions” to monitor residents in nursing care homes; or solutions for monitoring the workflow at manufacturing facilities in order to drive workflow innovation.

- Courtesy of Konica Minolta

Improved facility protection and operational safety

Important infrastructure has to be constantly protected and monitored to guarantee reliable and permanent operations not only in emergency ¬situations. Public and private sector industries are using the advanced video surveillance and security technologies to increase security in their facility, ensure safety of staff and personnel, and improve process monitoring. With intelligent prevention measures, it is possible to avoid significant costs caused by damages, repair and power cuts. The innovative Thermal and Video technology of Mobotix security cameras and software reduces your total cost of security ownership, providing high quality images in all environment conditions. Reliable alarm management system of Mobotix security vision systems improves situation awareness for you, deters theft, vandalism, espionage and other crimes on your property, accelerates emergency response and improves overall security decision making

Benefits of Mobotix Intelligent and Reliable IP Video Solutions

  • Failure-free operations of security system
  • Full Technical Support
  • Video Systems for Standard Applications and Special Applications
  • Great Visibility in all conditions including dark night, snow, rain and wind
  • Increased Resolution Reduces Amount of Cameras Needed
  • Reduced Installation Costs at Any Distance
  • Low Power Costs, No Extra Heating
  • Backup Power Supply Costs Reduced by Over 80 Percent
  • Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of more than 9 years - highest quality and reliability in security systems


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Fast, punctual deliveries are the key to success in logistics, and successful deliveries require an efficient storage system. Using MOBOTIX S15D security cameras, our customers are able to reduce downtimes by up to 30 percent and benefit from the economic advantage as well as an increased level of safety for their employees. MOBOTIX security video systems can be ideally adapted to preexisting IT infrastructures and that the systems do not require any additional cables or programs. Real-time monitoring with our cameras allow the operators in the high-bay warehouses to clearly see whether anything is hanging over the side of the pallets that could potentially lead to machine downtime.

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Promote artisan production

Physical Site Security Assessment

Mobotix cameras showcase the beauty of the farms and the care with which the wine is produced to customers residing outside Europe, even on other continents. MOBOTIX video security systems integrated with an open VOIP infrastructure and a wireless network provide the real time high quality images put spotlight on wine cellars, vine farms, and production facilities. They can help not only in the security, but also promote your business, company, facility and products to your prospective customers all across the globe. The T25 video door intercom with an RFID reader manages access control for authorized personnel, an application that provides the best results controlling accesses when external personnel is brought on the premises during periods of large volume.

robust and reliable for every vehicle at any speed.


Capturing license plates is the first and most important step. do this in daytime requires a good quality camera properly positioned and at a slight angle to the plate. When you are trying to capture a plate in darkness, that is when special equipment is needed. Combining that with an effective software for storage and analysis gives you an effective tool for the solution of registration tasks, identification and provision for car safety, control of traffic, and access control of vehicles.


  • Automation of Parking Installations - License Plate Recognition is an excellent solution for parking areas, providing vehicle safety, increase of speed and quality of service, and the reduction of unauthorized access, fraud and theft.
    • automatic registration and saving in database of video image, date, time, plate numbers of incoming car
    • comparison of information at arrival / departure of vehicle
    • simplified information search in database on the car plate numbers, date or time of parking
    • integration with barriers, automatic gates
    • integration with the automatic systems of calculations for payment control
  • Protection of strategic areas, enterprises - License Plate Recognition is an effective component of a security system for strategically important areas, such as industrial enterprises.
  • Remote Management capabilities
  • Automatic registration of car arrival/departure with data storage of car plate numbers, date and time of pass, video shot with the image of a vehicle
  • integration with the gravimetric equipment, executive devices on entrances/exits (arrival/departures), and also with workflow systems for effective automated accounts management
  • Creation of detailed statistical reports
  • Video-control in real-time of loading/unloading processes of raw materials or finished goods
  • Restrictive entry into municipal areas based on preset policies
  • Creation of detailed statistical reports
  • Utilization for toll payment system
  • Effective tool for police and other municipal services: automatic registration in traffic of vehicles which are flagged for search, analysis and alarms for infringement of road rules etc.
  • Municipal Services - License Plate Recognition may be integrated with ISS Traffic Monitoring or other third party traffic management software to create a safe traffic hub for municipalities

Real Time Crime Center

There is no such thing as a MOBOTIX standard solution. Your project will be configured to suit your needs from the comprehensive MOBOTIX portfolio. We will discuss your processes with you in considerable detail to define the relevant tasks and how we can monitor them reliably and effectively. This ensures that the solution is the perfect fit for your needs and leaves nothing to be desired.

Physical Site Security Assessment

Physical Site Security Assessment




The biggest benefit of this solution is to have the ability to synchronize managing who is in the facility with very clear, high-definition images


In addition to providing a way to monitor and control people’s access into your facility, the solution is a powerful inventory management tool


By integrating the access control and VMS technologies that generate high-resolution video images, you will have an indisputable record of who is in the facility and at what time.


Both expansion on site or at different locations so you can manage all access control and video surveillance from one centralized location and realize the benefits on a much broader scale

Physical Site Security Assessment

Physical Site Security Assessment


MX WestchesterPD Case Study Jan 2020

Presentation by Westchester County PD Jan 2020

Physical Site Security Assessment

Physical Site Security Assessment

The use of video surveillance to detect, deter and prosecute crime has increased significantly over the last few years—in Canada and abroad. Police and law enforcement authorities increasingly view it as a legitimate tool to combat crime and ward off criminal activity—including terrorism. Recent events have heightened the interest of public authorities in deploying video-surveillance in public places. It is widespread in the United Kingdom and increasingly used by law enforcement and anti-terrorism authorities in the U.S. and Canada, particularly since September 2001.
Here at home, police and public security agencies monitor public parks and streets. Some cities have put in place video surveillance systems for specific festival periods.
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) use cameras to monitor high-security areas such as Parliament Hill. Cameras are used to survey Canada-US border crossings. They are very extensively used in airports, and port authorities are becoming increasingly interested in using video cameras to monitor their facilities.
– Privacy Commissioner of Canada


The German company MOBOTIX AG is known as the leading pioneer in network camera technology since its founding in 1999, and its decentralized concept has made high-resolution video systems cost-efficient.

  • Intelligent Cameras Reduce The Number Of Recording Devices
  • Event-Controlled Image Format Minimizes Storage Costs
  • Low Power Costs, No Extra Heating
  • Increased Resolution Reduces Amount Of Cameras Needed
  • Robust And Practically Maintenance-Free
  • Software For Thousands Of Cameras And Storage Devices Included
  • Unlimited Scalability And High Return On Investment

Video security with integrated business intelligence for retailers integrated point of sale (pos) features, combined with on-board image and data analysis provide both security and value-added business intelligence.


According to recent studies for retail operations, the so-called annual inventory differences, which are irregularities caused by theft, fraud, manipulation of customers, employees and suppliers, just in Canada alone, amounted to almost one billion dollars. With the investment of more than 200 million dollars in prevention and security measures, the use of intelligent video security in the retail sector is becoming increasingly important. However, modern IP video solutions can provide much more than just theft prevention or video evidence. Besides typical security coverage, an intelligent IP video solution from MOBOTIX will open up completely new perspectives for the retail industry.

Physical Site Security Assessment


The competitive indoor models, supporting all outstanding MOBOTIX features, are ideal for retailers. Due to short distances in indoor environments, the MOBOTIX Hemispheric technology is perfect to achieve 360° or 180° panorama coverage without any blind spots. Optimization of Sales Due to the perfect overview, additional data acquired from heatmaps and cash transactions, it is possible to improve workforce deployment, design of the shop interior, as well as the placement of advertisements and offers in every retail environment. Business intelligence data delivered from the intelligent camera system will ultimately increase sales while minimizing costs.

An intelligent IP video system from mobotix allows you to reduce total costs. The investment pays for itself after a short time and the free-of-charge software and updates ensure it is a future-proof investment.

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Case Study: Pacific Place Mall, Jakarta

The Pacific Place Jakarta shopping mall has dominated the middle of the Sudirman Central Business District in Jakarta, Indonesia, since 2007. The Dua utiara Group was initially operating more than 300 analog CCTV cameras from different manufacturers for security within the shopping mall. However, maintaining and servicing these devices was costly and a drain on resources. Since problems also arose with the electric cabling, the company in charge of the mall decided to replace the existing setup with a modern security system consistingof 197 MOBOTIX camera

Physical Site Security Assessment

Full Case Study

The Mall at Short Hills, USA

1.3-Million-Square-Foot Mall Secured By MOBOTIX IP Video Systems. The Mall at Short Hills partnered with systems integrator MTS Intelligent Surveillance Solutions to update its surveillance network. MTS designed the system with dedicated network architecture. “The mall was looking to create a new IP video surveillance solution to provide 00-percent coverage of critical areas,” said Rob Merchant, MTS. “We designed a digital video surveillance solution based on an open platform to allow it to scale as needed.”

Physical Site Security Assessment

Full Case Study


Physical Site Security Assessment

Clearly insight is a canadian company located in winnipeg, manitoba

The MOBOTIX system offers a decentralized storage solution in which image processing and event control take place inside the camera. This not only dramatically reduces the load on the network, but it also allows users to do everything simultaneously: live video transfer, recording and event search. The control software used to manage MOBOTIX cameras is available free of charge and supports the decentralized recording technology, which requires only a tenth of the number of servers needed for traditional solutions. The MOBOTIX solution is ideally suited for large venues such as stadiums and arenas because fewer cameras, servers, and other equipment are needed than in other similar systems, the system is low-maintenance, easy to install and operate and saves money compared to other video solutions.

A number of other features and functions provide additional protection for stadiums:

Crowd Management
Video cameras enable operators to monitor the flow of crowds in the entry and exit areas as well as inside the stadium.

Protection against Break-ins and Vandalism
The video system is being used to detect intrusions and prevent theft and vandalism, even when the stadium is empty between games and events.

Perimeter Protection
Another important task for cameras in stadiums is perimeter protection. Sensors respond immediately when an intruder enters a protected area. The camera begins recording and transmits the images to security or to the police via the network.

Riot Prevention
Even during the game, security services are ready to respond immediately to disturbances and riots. This way, a single trouble spot does not turn into a large-scale threat area.

VIP Protection
Video surveillance can also help to provide certain people with increased protection. This way, unauthorized persons in specially protected areas can be identified quickly and action can be taken if necessary.

Physical Site Security Assessment


High-resolution cameras enhance zoo security while collecting critical information on animal behavior. Birmingham Zoo is one of the top five largest elephant exhibits in the nation. Trausch said the zoo’s commitment to animal research and development, and its new exhibits, drove visitors numbers up in 2011. It continues to innovate with the addition of new animals and exhibits, and technology deployments. The zoo recently installed a portable MOBOTIX camera to monitor a pregnant female orangutan that recently gave birth. The event and the baby orangutan’s first days were available for zoo officials to view through remote access to the MOBOTIX video system, providing the zoo with access to more detailed scientific data than previously thought possible.

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  • Physical Site Security Assessment

  • Physical Site Security Assessment

  • Physical Site Security Assessment

fascinating • effective • affordable high-caliber thermal imaging technology in a modular dual camera system


The MOBOTIX EST thermal imaging camera has been approved for distribution during the COVID-19 emergency public health emergency in the U.S. in accordance with the FDA's enforcement policy for FDA for telethermographic systems.

Physical Site Security Assessment

Complement your perimeter protection and fire prevention solutions with far superior technology. These weatherproof MOBOTIX thermal cameras detect and register objects and people using a thermal signature, even in total darkness at a distance of over 100 meters. And importantly, thermal cameras safeguard privacy.

The thermal cameras are based on the modular M16 and S16 series and can be complemented by a high-resolution image sensor module, if desired. Along with the compact design and the flexible installation options, these thermal cameras also take on the intelligent MOBOTIX video functions. Objects are detected through the MxActivitySensor with almost perfect accuracy. MOBOTIX thermal cameras can send messages automatically as long as the temperature in the defined exposure window deviates from the standard range. They are also extremely effective in detecting life-threatening heat sources early on.


The intelligent video system with an integrated high-performance thermal image sensor takes full advantage of the M16 camera design. Thanks to the two directly adjacent lenses, there is also a thermal overlay function with image overlay (thermal and optical) to pinpoint the exact location of hotspots like smoldering fires in a visible image.

Physical Site Security Assessment


“TR” stands for thermal radiometry. This means that, in addition to carrying out the existing MOBOTIX thermal camera functions, these cameras feature a calibrated thermal image sensor that enables them to measure thermal radiation across the entire image area, even down to individual pixels. The power consumption of a MOBOTIX Thermal TR is less than 8 watts.

Physical Site Security Assessment


MOBOTIX present the most flexible dual thermal camera in the world. It is possible to connect either one or two weatherproof thermal sensor modules to the easily concealable camera module with up to three-meter-long sensor cables. The design concept of the S16 means that even thermal cameras can have particularly discreet installations and customer-specific special installations.

Physical Site Security Assessment


Temperature values measured by the TR technology can automatically trigger an event from the camera (alarm, call, activation of a signal output etc.) if the temperature increases above or decreases below an individually set trigger level. All settings can be adjusted via the camera firmware using a web browser.

Physical Site Security Assessment

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Robust and reliable in every vehicle at any speed.


Operators of public and private transportation or are required to be more alert than ever against -vandalism, theft and violence in order to stay competitive and attractive for passengers in the future. A key contribution is the decentralized, high-resolution video security technology from MOBOTIX; because perpetrators can be identified much faster with highly detailed and gapless recordings compared to conventional video systems. “Video Secured by MOBOTIX“ is confirmed to be a strong deterrence of potential offenders and will help to increase safety and security of passengers and drivers. In addition, vehicles have to be used most effectively and need to be localized at any time. Security installers worldwide are excited about the effectiveness and outstanding image quality of MOBOTIX systems.

Intelligent IP Video Solutions: Discrete and Efficient with Hemispheric

The use of hemispheric technology in S15 or Q25 provides effective coverage of the complete vehicle interior with just one single camera. Installed with the surround mount in the middle of the bus, the entire passenger compartment is secured without any blind spot. An S15 or Q25 covers the complete area of the driver including entrance and outside. In addition, an external camera at the rear or front increases safety in and around the school bus. The consequent absence of moving parts and thus the guarantee of robustness, results in video solutions including recordings which are known as nearly maintenance free. Instead industry standard SD-cards are integrated directly in the camera to provide reliable storage.

Physical Site Security Assessment