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  • Access from anywhere, anytime with Kentix360 ° Cloud
  • Integrates video recording and LDAP
  • Simple retrofitting or new equipment at lower cost


Kentix Access Control includes PoE to the dual-door controller smart edge-device and door card-reader/keypad units running an embedded, license free, zero cost software solution with Active Directory that can scale up to hundreds of locks.

The minimalistic design of Kentix’s Access Control solution makes installation fast and simple and serves an aesthetic purpose; it’s a slick, small cube that is made to operate efficiently. It’s also designed to secure the physical IP network since the PoE connection stays inside and does not go to the door reader. This eliminates the threat of vandals or attempts to infiltrate a network via tapping into an RJ45.

Surveillance Camera Winnipeg


Surveillance Camera Winnipeg

Surveillance Camera Winnipeg

The access control market has gone through two major shifts in the last decade with the first being the acceptance and reliance on IP communications over serial links between panels and more recently with the explosion of “Smart Locks” that require no wiring to the device. The later has lead to drastic decreases in installation time and expense over a conventional access door and this enables end-users to justify including more doors on their system. Integrators can now rapidly add a door to the system instead of counting panels for open reader ports and power supplies for open outputs to use before quoting the project.

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