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Professional video surveillance solutions & efficient analytics for car dealerships

Now Break-Ins And Vandalism Are A Thing Of The Past Fewer False Alarms At Dealerships Thanks To MOBOTIX Cameras

The automotive trade suffers huge annual losses due to the theft of vehicles and vehicle components. New and second-hand vehicles are often showcased across large business premises, meaning they require an effective and cost-efficient protection against theft and vandalism. Many of the video systems currently on the market have very limited capabilities. The image quality is poor and as a result, the images obtained are of little value, particularly in poor lighting conditions. There is also no active alarm management that can be used to prevent break-ins in a timely manner. There is growing demand in the automotive trade for systems to analyze visitor frequency and behavior in showrooms. This statistical data can be used to review the effectiveness of marketing measures and better plan the deployment of personnel. Many retailers see visitor analysis (sales funnel solution) as a must, not least due to the requirements of vehicle manufacturers.

MOBOTIX provides an intelligent IP video camera system to improve your security in a simple, cost-effective and reliable manner and simultaneously allow you to gain valuable statistical data to optimize personnel deployment and marketing planning.

  • an intelligent MOBOTIX solution prevents theft and vandalism
  • supplies statistical data to optimize business planning
  • provides clear images during the day and at night – the images can be viewed on mobile devices at any time
  • long term cost savings
  • thermal camera with optical sensor and Thermal image sensor
  • robust for extreme conditions
  • discreet hemispheric

Physical Site Security Assessment


Every MOBOTIX camera features intelligent motion detection software that ignores sources of false alarms such as trees blowing in the wind or fluctuating camera poles.

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