Condos And Apartments

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Innovative Technology, Reduced Total Costs

Property Management companies across Manitoba are overseeing residential properties including apartments, condo units and row housing.
Finding a cost-effective security solution to replace or augment traditional security and onsite guard systems is a top priority due to increased crime rates negatively impacting quality of life. Complexes that are located in high crime areas that experience serious safety issues for tenants and visitors continue to search for an answer to the rising cost of on-site live guards without compromising security or peace of mind. These communities are frequent targets of theft and vandalism.
They look for way to reduce or eliminate:

  • Mail boxes damaged and contents stolen
  • AC units vandalized for the copper
  • Laundry rooms damaged
  • Expensive security guard costs
  • Fitness equipment damaged or stolen
  • Community room and conference room TVs and computers stolen, vandalized
  • Entry gates damaged
  • Cars vandalized and broken into

Physical Site Security Assessment

Panorama Towers: A Luxury Condominium Complex. Case Study:
On Time and Under Budget

Tradition security products offer only “passive protection”. They only record what happened for viewing later. Find out how Mobotix “Proactive Security Devices” gives you so many advantages and tremendously upgrades your level of security.