Airport Security

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mobotix the new face of ip videos

Security at airports has become indispensable, and entails continuously increasing requirements. The only way to keep satisfy the most demanding standards day after day, is to constantly further develop the technology in use. Video surveillance is a crucial contribution to airport security; this technology has a great deal of potential, as long as the current configuration is not taken as the final goal in terms of development. (

MOBOTIX Technology –Cost Savings in Every Aspect Coventry Airport - Case Study

The secret to success? In the face of fierce competition, Coventry Airport pursues to keep the running airport costs so low that airlines can offer their flights at competitive low-cost terms. This means that the infrastructure at Coventry Airport is not as luxurious as at other major airports. However, the passengers are glad to give up some of this luxury in order to save some money.

Physical Site Security Assessment

With all cost savings, security at the Coventry Airport does not fall short. Especially with the threat of international terrorism, security at Coventry Airport has the highest priority. To meet the request for high security, Coventry Airport selected MOBOTIX IP-cameras for their video surveillance system. This system is not only praised by the Ministry of Transport, but it also serves as a model for other airports.

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