Energy, Utilities, And Mining

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How MOBOTIX Technology Can Make Your Life Easier - Video Systems – Made For Extreme Environments. BeyondHumanVision is more than just our motto; this way of thinking comes with genuine added value for you! High-end video surveillance offers you comprehensive solutions for smooth operations and maximum security at all levels. As a person in charge of an energy, utility or mining company, you need highly professional support that can withstand the toughest conditions. Because if something happens, it becomes big, dangerous and expensive. We want to avoid this together with you.


    Intrusion prevention (prevent theft & sabotage), Cybersecurity (digital protection), Access control to sensitive areas, Early fire detection and protection


    Safe handling of hazardous materials, Correct use of equipment and machinery, Maintenance in dangerous or inaccessible locations


    Monitoring of production steps, Remote maintenance of machines, Protection of the environment, Image management – trust as a currency


    Dust & dirt , Moisture & humidity, Heat & cold, Wind & weather, Poor lighting & darkness, Inaccessibility

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Rough Environment – Careful Handling Intelligent MOBOTIX video systems help you to monitor internal security processes effectively. Whether machine or human: It is important to consistently avoid mistakes. The consequences can quickly become fatal in the "energy, utilities and mining industry". The safety of employees is paramount.

Formidable Fortresses Robust & Cyber-safe, Even Under Extreme Conditions Hardly anywhere are external influences more demanding than in the energy, utilities and mining industry. Robust MOBOTIX video systems - made in Germany - are designed to reliably master them: They can withstand the most extreme environmental conditions over a long period.