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Enhance campus security cost-efficiently

In Today’s Security-Focused Environment, School Districts And Universities Seek To Upgrade To Higher Resolution Video Surveillance Solutions, Moving Away From Legacy Equipment Reaching End-Of-Life And Striving For Significantly Improved Protection Of The Campus Environment.

Educational facilities across the globe have experienced the benefits of the latest IP video surveillance technology from MOBOTIX. Designed and manufactured in Germany, MOBOTIX IP-based security solutions are based on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles and deliver significant cost savings with installation as well as long-term operation and maintenance. School Divisions using MOBOTIX cameras to enhance the security of its schools and in the process realized significant security benefits and cost savings including:

  • Greater surveillance coverage with 40-50% less cameras.
  • No expensive upgrades of the IT infrastructure.
  • IP video surveillance system serves as an active deterrent and valuable investigative tool, delivering high-resolution video with audio capabilities, event logic and IP-device notification.

Case Study: Calgary Catholic
School District, Canada

Calgary Catholic School District (CCSD)in Alberta, Canada, is home to more than 45,000 students in 104 schools in Calgary and surrounding area. The CCSD is second in size (by student count) to the city’s primary school board, the Calgary Board of Education.


The Calgary Catholic School District previously relied on an analog-based surveillance system as a way to increase security and aid in investigations, but the system began facing regular component failures. Furthermore, the analog cameras were limited in their capabilities and effectiveness, and captured images were blurry.


The Q24 is a hemispheric 360-degree camera used for complete room monitoring. It provides a simultaneous quad display of all four room corners and offers digital continuous pan, tilt, zoom functionality. Unlike PTZ cameras, Calgary Catholic School District employs a comprehensive MOBOTIX IP megapixel surveillance solution to enhance security across its campuses. The MOBOTIX solution is now providing the school district with highly detailed video images
the robust and maintenance-free Q24 has no moving parts. The M12 is a dual camera that provides brilliant image and color quality in the day and high sensitivity at night, thanks to two separate image sensors for color and B/W, while the D12 includes two individually positioned sensors and two separately directional lenses to simultaneously monitor different areas.

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