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The MOBOTIX system offers a decentralized storage solution in which image processing and event control take place inside the camera. This not only dramatically reduces the load on the network, but it also allows users to do everything simultaneously: live video transfer, recording and event search. The control software used to manage MOBOTIX cameras is available free of charge and supports the decentralized recording technology, which requires only a tenth of the number of servers needed for traditional solutions. The MOBOTIX solution is ideally suited for large venues such as stadiums and arenas because fewer cameras, servers, and other equipment are needed than in other similar systems, the system is low-maintenance, easy to install and operate and saves money compared to other video solutions.

A number of other features and functions provide additional protection for stadiums:

Crowd Management
Video cameras enable operators to monitor the flow of crowds in the entry and exit areas as well as inside the stadium.

Protection against Break-ins and Vandalism
The video system is being used to detect intrusions and prevent theft and vandalism, even when the stadium is empty between games and events.

Perimeter Protection
Another important task for cameras in stadiums is perimeter protection. Sensors respond immediately when an intruder enters a protected area. The camera begins recording and transmits the images to security or to the police via the network.

Riot Prevention
Even during the game, security services are ready to respond immediately to disturbances and riots. This way, a single trouble spot does not turn into a large-scale threat area.

VIP Protection
Video surveillance can also help to provide certain people with increased protection. This way, unauthorized persons in specially protected areas can be identified quickly and action can be taken if necessary.

Physical Site Security Assessment


High-resolution cameras enhance zoo security while collecting critical information on animal behavior. Birmingham Zoo is one of the top five largest elephant exhibits in the nation. Trausch said the zoo’s commitment to animal research and development, and its new exhibits, drove visitors numbers up in 2011. It continues to innovate with the addition of new animals and exhibits, and technology deployments. The zoo recently installed a portable MOBOTIX camera to monitor a pregnant female orangutan that recently gave birth. The event and the baby orangutan’s first days were available for zoo officials to view through remote access to the MOBOTIX video system, providing the zoo with access to more detailed scientific data than previously thought possible.

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  • Physical Site Security Assessment

  • Physical Site Security Assessment

  • Physical Site Security Assessment