Industry and Critical Infrastructures

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Improved facility protection and operational safety

Important infrastructure has to be constantly protected and monitored to guarantee reliable and permanent operations not only in emergency ¬situations. Public and private sector industries are using the advanced video surveillance and security technologies to increase security in their facility, ensure safety of staff and personnel, and improve process monitoring. With intelligent prevention measures, it is possible to avoid significant costs caused by damages, repair and power cuts. The innovative Thermal and Video technology of Mobotix security cameras and software reduces your total cost of security ownership, providing high quality images in all environment conditions. Reliable alarm management system of Mobotix security vision systems improves situation awareness for you, deters theft, vandalism, espionage and other crimes on your property, accelerates emergency response and improves overall security decision making

Benefits of Mobotix Intelligent and Reliable IP Video Solutions

  • Failure-free operations of security system
  • Full Technical Support
  • Video Systems for Standard Applications and Special Applications
  • Great Visibility in all conditions including dark night, snow, rain and wind
  • Increased Resolution Reduces Amount of Cameras Needed
  • Reduced Installation Costs at Any Distance
  • Low Power Costs, No Extra Heating
  • Backup Power Supply Costs Reduced by Over 80 Percent
  • Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of more than 9 years - highest quality and reliability in security systems


Physical Site Security Assessment

Fast, punctual deliveries are the key to success in logistics, and successful deliveries require an efficient storage system. Using MOBOTIX S15D security cameras, our customers are able to reduce downtimes by up to 30 percent and benefit from the economic advantage as well as an increased level of safety for their employees. MOBOTIX security video systems can be ideally adapted to preexisting IT infrastructures and that the systems do not require any additional cables or programs. Real-time monitoring with our cameras allow the operators in the high-bay warehouses to clearly see whether anything is hanging over the side of the pallets that could potentially lead to machine downtime.

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Promote artisan production

Physical Site Security Assessment

Mobotix cameras showcase the beauty of the farms and the care with which the wine is produced to customers residing outside Europe, even on other continents. MOBOTIX video security systems integrated with an open VOIP infrastructure and a wireless network provide the real time high quality images put spotlight on wine cellars, vine farms, and production facilities. They can help not only in the security, but also promote your business, company, facility and products to your prospective customers all across the globe. The T25 video door intercom with an RFID reader manages access control for authorized personnel, an application that provides the best results controlling accesses when external personnel is brought on the premises during periods of large volume.