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In today’s world, everything seems to be heading toward wireless technologies. Apparently, data cabling shouldn’t be all that important, but the reality is that cabling still offers superior internet speed connections as well as an easy and dependable way to provide PoE power to your devices. Even after all the Wi-Fi innovations, cabling is so much faster than the average wireless connection. Also, its connectivity isn’t hampered by distance, competing networks, interference, walls, or other physical barriers. The experts at Clearly InSight are available to install your data cable professionally. We install all types of data cables in new and existing buildings.

Data cable or otherwise known as network cable is used in establishing connections between multiple devices over a network and are also known as low voltage cables. An ethernet cable is utilized, usually Cat5e or Cat6. The ethernet cable uses the network interface to connect devices such as Security Cameras, PCs, Alarms, Door Access Controls, WIFI Transmitters, etc. So if you are an IT company, a builder, a business owner, or a homeowner and need installation services, you can benefit by having a professional Type M certified installer neatly and properly run your data cable.

In addition to our expertise in security products and services, we also offer cabling services and installation. These are carried out neatly and efficiently by our team, we call them immaculate installations. Contact us for pricing, and you will find that our rates are very competitive. We also offer plenum cabling as some buildings need it to adhere to special fire-safety standards. Since plenum cables are routed through air circulation spaces which often contain very few fire barriers, they need to be coated in a material that won’t contribute to spreading flames. Other services can include data racks, set up of WIFI access points and network expansion and repair. 

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