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We are a commercial security company in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We provide a high degree of personalized service before, during, and post-installation. Security and peace of mind for you and your property are our number one priority. We have solutions for every surveillance situation, from new construction to retrofits. These systems are actively protecting whole school divisions, farms, personal care homes, hospitals, condos & apartments, industrial & commercial buildings, municipalities, and towns.

As experts in the field, we at Clearly InSight want you to have the best technology at your disposal. We want to introduce you to our newest door access product called Kentix SmartAccess-GO.

Kentix SmartAccess-GO is a new product from Kentix, a German company known for their innovative technology. With Kentix SmartAccess-GO, doors, gates, etc., can be easily opened via smartphone or smartwatch. Access authorizations for guests, employees, or customers can be granted and revoked via email or QR code in a couple of keystrokes. It offers Cloud-based door access security at a lower cost, around two-thirds of the cost of traditional door access. We provide the product and do the installation including any cabling required. Please note that the door requires a working magnetic strike, which can be installed at additional cost. However, if this isn’t the product for you, we also provide traditional door access control products using keypad and/or fobs.

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We offer services like security cameras, indoor air quality monitoring, surveillance systems, cloud recording, door access control, intrusion detection, early fire detection, outdoor security lighting, and more! We offer our services to clients across Manitoba and North Western, Ontario.

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