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People speaking and breathing releases small suspended particles, or aerosols, into the air in the room. Furthermore, exhaled aerosols from a single sick individual can spread infectious viruses to other persons in the room. 

There is, however, a way to create a healthier interior atmosphere. At Clearly InSight, we offer you a single sensor system that collects data such as people counts and air quality readings.

The MultiSensor-TI has several intelligent sensors that are networked with each other using an advanced software. This sensor can count the number of people entering and leaving as well as simultaneously measuring the air quality according to the IAQ index “Indoor Air Quality.”

If the air quality is too low, the MultiSensor-TI issues a warning and can, for example, recommend window ventilation via a connected monitor. In this way, the aerosol load in the room can be quickly reduced, and the risk of infection for employees, customers, and visitors is reduced. With the optional relay it can actual open a motorized window or turn on an exhaust fan.

MultiSensor-TI is simple to use. It will monitor and capture multiple indoor environment issues (VOC - Volatile Organic Compounds), CO detection, early fire detection, thermal hotspots, people counting, intruder alerts and more. The sensor is powered via Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and is available in either black or white.

We will provide you with full product training to ensure you can effectively use indoor air quality and environmental monitoring equipment. Like all Kentix products, the Kentix MultiSensor-LAN is completely IT-based and can therefore be easily integrated into existing IT infrastructures. The software is completely integrated in the device and there are no additional costs due to licenses or updates. Through the existing web server, all necessary settings are made directly on the device – conveniently via the web browser. Due to the low acquisition costs and installation costs, the MultiSensor LAN usually pays for itself after the first alarm message.

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