Five Tips On Securing Your Property

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Through the pandemic, many changes were taking place. With companies and businesses downsizing, as well as implementing new changes like remote working and virtual meetings, people were uncertain on how they would get through. With offices closing due to the lockdowns, people were working from home, which meant that offices and buildings were sitting empty a lot more of the time. 

With many people working from home, it was challenging for companies to have their in-person security. With a new security system installed, they could keep an eye on their offices and other spaces from wherever they were using a SmartPhone. Tablet or PC. These were systems wherein they could monitor remotely, some products even utilized 2-way communications.

One very important and often overlooked factor is “what have you budgeted for a system”. This is an important step and is a question we will ask you upfront. You know when looking for a car what you are prepared to spend. No different for a security system. Knowing your budget allows us to quote the best possible products that meet your needs and budget.

When looking for a competent security company, here are some pointers you want to consider first. It is best to have thought out the requirements of what you want to protect and gather information before you start the process.

Tip #1: Check all possible points of ingress
Take a walk around your building checking doors and windows for possible weak points for unauthorized entry. Look at the lot and bushes and trees that could provide a hiding spot. Do this walk around after dark to check that existing lighting works and if you need more. Check all those windows and doors from the inside and their locking mechanism. Don’t miss a roof hatch that could be an easy way in.

Tip #2: Check exterior lighting
Good lighting is one of the best ways to improve picture quality. A good way to do this is to add dusk to dawn or motion sensor lights. Once the system is installed it may plainly expose a lack of lighting in one or more areas.

Tip #3: Define your operational goal for the protection
There are many different products available, so it is important to discuss the purpose for why you want to get a security system. There may be multiple reasons that can be resolved with the proper system 

Tip #4: Invest in a higher quality security system
When you are planning to have a security system installed, you want to make sure that it is as future-proof as possible. Many low-cost systems suffer short longevity, you don’t want to be replacing the system every few years or worse; you can’t depend on it to work when you need it.

Tip #5: Consider future security enhancements
When it comes to choosing a system, there are many changes and advancements that are taking place and it is important to know how these upcoming changes will affect the product you purchased. Do you want the option of perimeter protection, license plate capture, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Thermal graphics, environment sensors, door access, etc.?

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