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Did you know that 100% of Mobotix cameras are tested in the manufacturing facility in Germany prior to release? As well 100% of Mobotix outdoor cameras are tested in a -30°C environment prior to release?

Mobotix cameras have no moving parts. All functions are software controlled. Other cameras have a cut filter that opens and closes mechanically under dark and light conditions. Also those expensive PTZ cameras have a mechanical zoom and a mechanical pan/tilt apparatus that wear out over time, usually within 5 years often less. In our harsh Canadian environment we cannot stress how much of an advantage Mobotix offers for longevity and very low maintenance.

If you look at the outside of buildings in Canada you will see these large housings containing a camera and a heater. Now you need one of these cameras with housing looking at each direction you need to see. That could be up to 3 or even 4 cameras running 24/7 with a heater consuming up to 15watts each. 4 cameras is 60watts, same as a 60watt light bulb. You can replace those 3 or 4 cameras with 1 Mobotix camera that consumes only 4watts. On top of that the other systems require a DVR/NVR and other products that consume power. Just as an example if you had a 4 camera system with each camera looking down the side of a square building requiring heaters and a DVR/NVR with monitor you would be using 180 to 200 watts 24/7. To do the an even better job of viewing the area would require 2 360° Mobotix cameras that use a total of 4watts each or 8watts total and have no need for that DVR/NVR with monitor.

Just a few of the reason that although the initial install price of Mobotix may be higher the value and the savings over the life of the system makes Mobotix the best value by far.