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In this day and age video security is becoming a standard part of being in business. There are many reasons to install and maintain a video security system.  These include safety and security of your property, visual evidence for investigations, increase worker productivity, preventing dishonest claims involving liability, resolving employee disputes, deterring theft, discouraging violence and vandalism, and remotely viewing your property when away.

From the beginnings in the early 80s when video security got its start the evolution of the industry has seen much transformation. Up until the last few years CCTV using an analog signal was the norm. We all have seen the results of those cameras on the “Crime Stoppers” clips from convenience stores shown on the news. Often you can make out that it was in fact a person however actually recognizing somebody is certainly hit and miss.

With the advent of IP network video security systems video quality has improved considerably by increasing the number of pixels per frame. However there are still drawbacks to the IP systems available. These include using the standard H264 (Hollywood movies) for recording which is great for video, not so great when you need a still picture. When you record from any number of cameras the bandwidth used grows with each camera added. This slows down your intranet and usually means you will need to set up a separate network for your cameras. Also similar to the CCTV that requires a DVR to record to IP systems requires an NVR for recording.

While IP is a good system there is a Vision Security System that has eliminated those inherent obstacles. Mobotix has developed their own recording software called MxPEG that has exceptional clear recording and a crystal clear stopped image. All video processing is done within the camera reducing substantially any bandwidth requirement while significantly reducing electrical consumption as no NVR is required. True high definition allows cameras that can see in a 360° view while software based pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) allows you to zoom in and focus on any point of the 360° view. With no moving parts to wear out the longevity of these cameras is greatly extended. Motion detection has been replaced with MxActivitySensor, so advanced it can replace your intrusion alarm system. To learn more about these incredible security cameras go to:

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