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We believe that people shouldn’t have to live in fear in today’s world. Our continually evolving security system gives people peace of mind. When you’re under the reliable protection of an Ajax Alarm System, you are safer from thieves or leaks that can cause real harm to property and people.

In today’s world, ensuring the safety and security of your commercial establishment is of utmost importance. Whether you run a bustling retail store, manage a government facility, or operate a school, you want to protect your property, assets, customers, and, most importantly, your employees. That’s where commercial alarm systems come into play. In this blog, we will explore the significance of these innovative security technologies offered. Discover how these alarm systems work to keep you safe and provide peace of mind.

1. Comprehensive Protection for Your Property

A commercial alarm system from Clearly InSight goes beyond simple alarm functionality. It is a solution designed to safeguard your premises effectively. With added features such as video surveillance, you can monitor and record activities in and around your establishment. This not only deters potential intruders but can also provide valuable evidence in the event of an incident. Our advanced alarm monitoring services ensure that any breaches or emergencies are promptly detected and addressed, minimizing potential damage.

2. Both wireless and wired options

Why is this important? No commercial buildings or homes are the same, so a security system must be flexible and customizable in how it is set up and connected. With Ajax, many of the devices have options for connecting either with or without wires. This gives our installers the ability to place devices where they’re needed most in the most vulnerable locations of your property without sacrificing connectivity or aesthetics. The protected radio protocol ensures reliable communication between the devices up to 1.5 km in the line of sight. 

3. Designed to Withstand Extreme Conditions

Criminals don’t care if it’s below freezing, raining heavily, or extremely hot outside. That’s why your security system should be operable no matter what the weather is doing. Too often, we see security systems that stop functioning in a winter snowstorm or overheat during the summer. This is why we stand behind Ajax’s devices - we know that we can rely on their security devices to stand against any condition and protect our customers’ properties. Did you know that Ajax even offers a leak detector? That means you can even detect a possible flood in your home or commercial property!

4. Not Just a Sensor

Many security sensors do only that - sense movement on your property. While that may be sufficient for some properties, this doesn’t give us the full picture of who is around your property. Select Ajax Systems’ smart sensors are loaded with technology that goes above and beyond detecting motion:

  • It can be integrated with a video camera to verify alarms
  • Motion sensors can be supplied with a camera that can take still photos
  • Sees in the dark
  • Delivers photos to your device quickly 
  • Communicates at a distance of up to 1500 metres from the hub
  • Able to ignore pets (up to 50 cm in height)
  • Two-way communication channel
  • Up to 4 years of operation on pre-installed batteries

When it comes to commercial security solutions, Clearly Insight is your trusted partner. Our innovative alarm systems provide comprehensive protection and can combine video surveillance, alarm monitoring, access control, and fire detection features. We go the extra mile to ensure our clients receive personalized service, from pre-installation consultation to post-installation support. Our onsite training sessions equip you with the knowledge and understanding of how to use our products effectively, maximizing their potential for your specific needs.

If you are looking for reliable and advanced commercial security solutions, get in touch with Clearly InSight today. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality products that offer exceptional value, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

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