Security with Renewable Energy

Solar powered Mobotix cameras are available for most applications on sites away from the grid. The data can be accessed using a wireless transmitter, a 3/4G cell system or by utilizing a wireless broadband service. In either case the modem can be solar powered as well.

With the exceptionally low power requirements of all the Mobotix lineup (less than 4Watts) and the onboard processing and storage of the decentralized smart cameras makes a Mobotix Security Vision camera the smartest choice. 

Using the 6MP resolution coupled with Moonlight Technology and MxActivitySensor (which makes motion detection obsolete) this system is ideal for construction sites, cottages, farms, or anywhere requiring security that lacks power. Cameras can be equipped with thermal sensors as well. These are ideal for use as construction cameras on the job site.

Require a State-of-the-Art Security System in an isolated area?

Clearly InSight is a Canadian company located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.