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School Bus Cameras


   Introducing the Next Generation… Q25BusVision

  • Extremely High Resolution recording up to 6.0 Megapixels
  • Robust and practically maintenance free, no moving parts, no heater required, IP66 rated
  • Very simple to use IP based system includes free software - MxManagementcenter
  • Panoramic 360° view, corrected for perspective, adjustable for quad view
  • 360° allround view and full image storage
  • Optional WIFI download or 4G download/remote viewing 
  • 2 way digital audio, built in microphone and speaker
  • Unobtrusive, less than 40mm thick
  • Software controlled virtual Pan Tilt Zoom function
  • Sun and backlight compensation
  • German engineered and manufactured
  • Long life - designed to last 80,000 hours
  • Mobile-Ready and certified shock proof (DIN EN 50155)
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CBUS1 System
Monitor your school buses to help ensure passenger and driver safety.

School Divisions and School Bus Contractors from Newfoundland/Labrador to Vancouver Island are using Clearly InSight systems. A simple to install, easy to use system that provides up to D1 quality images.

Located on the prairies, our equipment has been designed for our extreme Canadian climate. Our camera systems have been field tested from -40° to +60° C on rough gravel roads. Using the SD Card recording of up to 64GB simplifies the data transfer process and becomes as easy as unlocking the mobile DVR, removing the SD Card, replacing with another, relocking and the bus can continue on its way.

Simply insert the SD Card into the SD slot on your PC or laptop and pull the data off. Date and time files make it easy to find the video you need. Viewing software is included. NightVision with the new higher resolution 1200TVL cameras enables you to see right to the back of the bus in daylight or in total darkness.

Kit includes:

  • 2 metal turret 1200TVL cameras with 20 meter NightVision
  • Microphone
  • Camera cables
  • Mobile extreme environment DVR
  • SD Card
  • All required wiring and adapters
  • Installation instructions & viewing software

Our experienced installers can do a complete 2 camera install in about 3 hours.

Options include a passive GPS sensor that marks the location on a map for viewing along with the video; additional cameras and microphones (up to 4 of each); an event button; and a WIFI bridge for video downloading without removing the SD Card.

Please call or email Gary at 204-800-3442 or and we can discuss how our affordable school bus system can help you.


Safety Outside the Bus - Stop Arm Cameras

Vehicles passing school buses stopped with the stop arm out loading and unloading children continues to happen. We offer solutions that will enable the capture of licence plates to assist in prosecution of those offenders. Please contact us so we can discuss your requirements.

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