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Whether you want just a Windshield Camera or need to see other views around your vehicle Clearly InSight can design a Video Security system for you. We can design packages for highway trucks, buses, emergency vehicles, boats, personal vehicles and off-road vehicles. These can be used to view only or can be recorded onto a solid state DVR that will operate from -40°C to +60°C. Call us with your requirements.

* Transit Bus * Intercity Bus * Taxi * Limousine * Transport Truck * Special Needs * Non-Emergency Medical * Paratransit * Boats * Waste Management * Government Vehicles * Light Rail * Armoured Car * Windshield Camera * Construction Equipment * Personal Vehicles *

Clearly InSight is a Canadian company located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

      Mobile Application In A Bus – Stored 360° Full Image - Mobotix Camera