Engineering Design Specifications

MOBOTIX Security Visions systems are truly a remarkable achievement. Using fewer cameras to cover much more area, reducing installation cost, substantially reducing Network loads and energy cost, MOBOTIX provides the end user with a true state of the art high definition security system. All cameras inlude MxAnalytics® with new behaviour alarms, MoonLight Technology for outstanding pictures in very low light levels and up to 6MP recording. This security system also incorporates a video/audio enabled door access with an intrusion monitoring system along with many other features.

Please evaluate the information, spec into your planning and allow MOBOTIX to simply astound your customers:





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Clearly InSight is an Advanced MOBOTIX Partner, we are available to help you with planning, designing, and installation as well as training your customer on operation of Mobotix Security Vision Systems. We are a Canadian company located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.