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Did you know that 100% of Mobotix cameras are tested in the manufacturing facility in Germany prior to release? As well 100% of Mobotix outdoor cameras are tested in a -30°C environment prior to release? 

Mobotix cameras have no moving parts. All functions are software controlled. Other cameras have a cut filter that opens and closes mechanically under dark and light conditions. Also those expensive PTZ cameras have a mechanical zoom and a mechanical pan/tilt apparatus that wear out over time, usually within 5 years often less. In our harsh Canadian environment we cannot stress how much of an advantage Mobotix offers for longevity and very low maintenance.

If you look at the outside of buildings in Canada you will see these large housings containing a camera and a heater. Now you need one [...] Read more

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When visiting a potential client I often get asked “what makes Mobotix better than (the other system they are considering)?

There are a number of reasons however I usually just key on a few and one othem is that Mobotix uses a decentralized system not a centralized one. What that means is that each Mobotix camera does all the functions of a security system from capturing video to processing video to storing data to allowing authorized remote access. Each camera is a system unto itself. How does that make it better than a centralized system? A centralized system requires a DVR/NVR to record to, that expensive big black box that hums, takes up space and often requires licence fees. Cameras capture video and send the raw data to the box which processes it and stores the data. This raw data [...] Read more

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We often get questions about why the difference between Mobotix and other brands especially the ones produced in Asia. Clearly InSight has supplied and installed a number of brands over the years and here are a few of the reasons why we are now a Mobotix Advanced Partner.  

We now sell a product that we know will work right out of the box and continue to give a decade and more of dependable security. They are designed to work for at least 80,000 hours.

A product that is designed to work in an environment from Antarctica to the Tropics. There are many examples of Mobotix cameras surviving incidences that destroy others such as recording right through a hurricane recently on the West coast of Mexico.

Remarkable clarity, up to 6MegaPixels. To put that in perspective your 720p (1,280 × 720) [...] Read more

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Other camera brands talk about setting up a regular maintenance program for their cameras. That means either YOU have to do the maintenance or you have to PAY the installer to do this job. If you don’t have it done very likely something is going to happen to your system, probably sooner not later. Of course that’s when something happens that you really needed to have recorded.

Mobotix has gone beyond this by producing exceptionally high quality cameras with a failure rate of .01% over 10 years.  That means that if you have installed 10,000 cameras you can expect only one to fail over the next 10 years.


Now if one of your “other brand” cameras were to fail then you will lose that viewable and recorded image for that one area and the rest of your cameras will continue. However what [...] Read more

Video Security for Business

Video Security for Business

In this day and age video security is becoming a standard part of being in business. There are many reasons to install and maintain a video security system.  These include safety and security of your property, visual evidence for investigations, increase worker productivity, preventing dishonest claims involving liability, resolving employee disputes, deterring theft, discouraging violence and vandalism, and remotely viewing your property when away.

From the beginnings in the early 80s when video security got its start the evolution of the industry has seen much transformation. Up until the last few years CCTV using an analog signal was the norm. We all have seen the results of those cameras on the "Crime Stoppers" clips from convenience stores shown [...] Read more

School Bus Cameras

Cameras for School Buses


If you have ever had your child bullied or falsely accused of wrongdoing on a school bus please read on.....

Increasingly interior cameras are becoming a standard feature in school buses. School Divisions are recognizing the need to monitor the school bus for a variety of reasons.

Having cameras installed and in use allow things like bullying behavior, situations where there is a disagreement (he said, she said for example), and even proof that a child was on the bus to be scrutinized. Coupled with a GPS sensor the bus location can be pinpointed when a situation occurs. An example of that is the actual location a student got on or off the bus. The map show the location and the video shows the student getting on or off the bus.

There are a number of different [...] Read more

Stationary Video Security- Getting Started


A)  Select the Cameras You Will Require to Meet Your Video Surveillance Needs.

What you see is what the camera will view; standing where the camera would be positioned or crawling up a ladder will give you the best view. This is also where the camera will be installed, so you'll also have to be aware of the cabling path from the camera to the DVR. Look for the approximate distance from the camera and width of your desired viewing area.

  • Clearly InSight can help you determine the Lens Size you will require to accomplish this from this information. 90% of installations are a standard 3.6 mm lens that will give you a view of about 130' wide at 100' distance from the camera (approx 90° viewing angle). 
  • Adjustable VariFocal lens are available on many Clearly InSight [...] Read more